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Let all OC ponies unite!
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Art Status

Please read these rules before doing anything!

1. Please LOOK at my status before asking me for art! I do appreciate you liking my art enough to want me to draw for you, but if you still ask me for requests and fail to check my status, you will be blocked permanently!

2. Do NOT spam my page with chain letters! As much as I appreciate you thinking about me, but I don't believe in chain letters. If you post them on my page anyway, I will hide them.

3. Don't write unrelated comments on any of my deviations. I expect comments talking about the image itself, Don't write comments like "How you doing?" or "Why do you have a human name for your oc?" Otherwise I will either hide those comments, or I will report them as spam. If you have something to say to me, please do so on my profile or send me a note.

4. If you ask me for an art trade, that means you must do one for me. I will make you do your part first so I know that you're not cheating. For example, I won't make an anthro character for base art, I find that to be a bit unfair so I will do anthro art for anthro art in return. But I'm not too picky about art styles, unless if it's sloppy base work or generators.

5. I accept all sorts of art styles as gifts, however, I won't accept pony creator or any doll divine makers as gifts. I rather see my characters drawn decently then seen in a random maker. Same goes for base work, unless it's well drawn.

6. If you come here to say rude shit to me, you will be blocked without warning. I don't tolerate people who start drama.

7. I can be very picky when it comes to making new friends. If you're very nice to me, and actually care about my characters or just myself in general, then maybe I can open up to you a little more. But it depends on how you treat me. If you're nice to me, I will be nice to you. ;)

8. If you fav my art, watch me, or give me a llama. I will not thank you, but I still appreciate it. :)

9. I will not watch you just because you watched me, I will only watch you back if I really like your art. So don't tell me to go watch you back. I watch who I want.

10. I don't roleplay with random people. I only roleplay with friends.

11. Why yes, I am open for collabs. However, if you ask for a collab, that means we have to work together to make one pic. Either I make a line art and you color it. Or you sketch it while I color it. It doesn't matter to me. But if I do a sketch and you don't do the rest, guess what? I will delete that sketch.


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I had to block a certain person because I just feel that he's only around me just to get what he wants from me. He claims that he only wants to be friends with me, but I think that's just a big fat lie. He only commented on my art if it involves Anima looking sexy or something, and he said something very creepy to me and was being weird towards my boyfriend. It just makes me feel more uncomfortable around him, and the fact that he has this weird fetish for bondage. As I said in my last status, he was trying too hard to be friends with me hoping I make gifts for him. Yeah chances of that happening are less then zero.
The minute anyone asks me for a free request will be blocked imediantly. I may sound selfish right now, but doing art for someone I don't know is a complete waste of time for me. Why should I work my ass off for hours and not earn anything in return? I may not be that professinal at art, but I should at least earn something like art in return or DA points. If you try to befriend me just so I make gift art for you, it won't work that way. Making gift art should be a choice. If you do something like that, you're gonna have a hard time being my friend. Believe me. It's not that I don't want to make friends, I like doing that, but I can only trust those who don't try to take advantage off me or use me just to get what they want. I'm probebly repeating myself right now but I want people to be aware of what I could do if anyone asks me for requests. I don't like blocking but if I have to then I will.
 I think I should make some new character sheets for all my characters, including wardrobes, age charts, and maybe turn around refs. Who knows. Though the extra refs will remain in my stash linked in the descriptions.  
I've found a love song for me and Andrew 4 years ago, it's called 'one in this world' by Hailey Duff. I loved it back in the day but now I just don't find it appealing anymore. After hearing it over and over, her voice gets annoying after a while.

But I found a new song for us, and it's called 'kiss me slowly' by Parachute. I find that one more appealing than ever. ^^
I don't feel like using skype right now. I don't know, feels like when I video chat with people on skype, I unintentionally hurt people without knowing it when I thought they were trying to be funny. :( Maybe I should stay off of it for a while. All I seem to do is hurt people now.

To furries: What type of animal you prefer? 

12 deviants said Felines
9 deviants said Canines
7 deviants said All of the above +1
2 deviants said other ex. rodents, bears, birds

About me

::COM:: ship pagedoll for AnimaDrawsArt by Patty-Chickens
I'm a pony artist, a furry, and a wizard of wizard101. There's not much about me, I may draw mlp most of the time, but I love a few other fandoms. Feel free to watch my page, fave my art, send me a llama, don't matter to me, I appreciate all support. :3

Anima Zee Loves Caster Forge by NupieTheHero Skull Candy loves Snow Wings by NupieTheHero

Waiting on art

These are people I requested art from and waiting on yet. I don't like rushing people so I made this in case I forget.

Currently waiting for art: None at the moment.


AnimaDrawsArt has started a donation pool!
766 / 1,200

I'm saving up for really expensive commissions and maybe core membership. So help would be appreciated.

If you're feeling generous, feel free to donate real money to my paypal. Every little penny counts

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